-With Love By Kate- Giveaway

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I’m excited to announce La Dea Vita’s first ever giveaway: a With Love by Kate On-The-Go Travel Kit.


Mom+Baby Qoya – 4-week series in March


Fine-tuning the details. Will post more very soon.


That’s it. I give up.


I’m a new mom to a patient, sweet, lovely, clever, funny baby boy.

He’s 5 months old. That’s how long I’ve been sleep deprived.

I realize after having him that I know next to nothing about my pelvic floor. And it turns out that having a healthy, stable, strong and toned pelvic floor helps create the correct foundation for each movement in the body. In particular, it helps during pregnancy, birth and post birth.

Which helps to explain why my body feels overly achy, tired and sore.

But allow me to backtrack, as my body isn’t exactly the topic of this blog, but merely a jumping off point.


My name is Mishel Ixchel. I’m an Ecuadorian-born & NYC-bred magic and medicine woman, and I teach the art of Exquisite Self Care.