I’m Ecuadorian-born & NYC-bred, currently setting roots down in Western Massachusetts where I teach the art of Sacred Self Care.

I’ve devoted the last decade of my life exploring what it means to take sacred care of my Self. I found that, as a result, I feel my absolute best (vastly different from “looking” my best, which implies a very limited, very external and somewhat superficial perspective on self care).

At it’s most expansive, taking time for this caliber of self care has allowed me to give my best to everything I’ve engaged in and to everyone I love.

Ultimately, putting myself first allows me to be and give my best.


about La Dea Vita

La Dea Vita is a lifestyle devoted to Sacred Self Care.

Why Sacred Self Care?

…because it’s an incredibly nurturing and decadent form of self-love. When we nourish ourselves with sacred self-care rituals, we show up to everything we do with more confidence and presence.

…because how we treat ourselves sets the tone for how others treat us. It empowers us to set healthy boundaries, and raise the standards in all our relationships.

…because it has the ability to turn us into irresistible magnets for everything we desire in life. Through the practice of mindful and holistic self care, we confidently state our self-worth and value not only to ourselves, but also the world.

In this website, I share with you personal stories pertaining to my physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and financial sacred self care. 

You will also find out info on the projects, events and offerings I’m currently working on/involved in. All have Sacred Self Care at their heart.


photo credit: Carlos Brigantes


My name is Mishel Ixchel. I’m Ecuadorian-born &
NYC-bred. Western Mass is currently home, and it's also where I practice + teach the art of
Sacred Self Care.