Coming Back to My Senses (& a shout out to Kitty Cavalier)

took this from the corner of 30th & madison, on my way back to the Open Center, where I was lovingly greeted. Even my boss gave me a hug.

Never has it felt this good to come back home. I speak of New York City. I used to think it was “home” primarily because this is where I’ve spent the majority of my life. But now, this time round, I realize this is really home because of the “welcome backs” I’ve received.

All kinds of “welcome backs”. Hugs and kisses primarily. My friend’s dog Teddy, whom I spend a bunch of my free time with, went totally bananas when he saw me. Dinners, hikes, adventures with my beloved girlfriends. Loads of time with familiar trees (yes, trees). Going to yoga studios and getting hugs from fellow yogis. And on the morning of the day I was to babysit my two fav little angels in the world, I received this text from their mom: “M, a very happy gal, is doing a ‘Mishel’ dance and H is doing a ‘Yahoo!’ ballad.”

Our pre-dinner Sway, Play & Pray reunion day. Nothing like time with girlfriends to make you feel all warm and gooey inside.

Our Sway, Play & Pray reunion day. Felt so cozy and loved spending time with my girlfriends.

Yeah, so I’m back home. I spent the entire month of September at LuxYoga in the South of France in a sweet little food/yoga bubble (as you probably are exhausted of hearing about by now.) But bear with me.

I set some real clear intentions before leaving for France. My primary ones were to be of service, and to soak up as much yoga juju from Ben & Craig as I could. But there was another major reason for going there. And that was to put into practice what I was picking up in my latest read: Kitty Cavalier’s Sacred Seduction.

Oh yeah, baby. You read it right. I went to France to practice Sacred Seduction. (Ooh, it feels so good to say that.)

Me in Antibes with my copy of Sacred Seduction.

Me in Antibes with my copy of Sacred Seduction.

Now, if you’re reading this and you imagine me in some revealing dress flirting my way through town and dating my not-so-little behind off, then you are mistaken. Ok, that may be partially correct. But really truly only partially. That’s only a tiny aspect of seduction (only if, however, I find pleasure in doing so.) Seduction is a coming home to your senses. It is a spiritual practice. Kitty has taken “Seduction” and completely redefined it. Here, I’ll let her explain:

“Love, sex and romance is just one square on the Rubik’s Cube of seduction. I believe that when we are in love with and approving of ourselves, and unimprisoned by our insecurities, seduction is something that happens naturally.

When we feel confident in our bodies and are able to flaunt our flaws with pride, we are undeniably magnetic. When we are not needy or dependent on another person’s approval to define our worth, we give off an air of irresistibility.”

Ummm, yeah please. I’ll have some of that.

I remember some moons back reading one of Kitty’s blogs. She was on her way back to New York, and on the plane she sat next to a guy that she “seduced within an inch of his life.” And in that instant I knew that I wanted to learn how to do that.

But, as with most things, you can’t really practice on anyone else what you have not practiced and mastered yourself.

So, France.

I allowed myself to be completely seduced by the whole thing. The view from the villa. The flowers I put all around the house, the fresh mountain air. My hot sexy boss doing his asana practice shirtless here and there (when not so long ago, I would only have instagram glimpses of this!) The laughter and the friends I made. The FOOD (ahhh, the food). Heck, even the Chef. The hikes, the mountains, the beach. The wine, ahem, the language (yeah, I got to dust off my French and use it). The little town I lived in. For goodness sakes, even the commute freakin’ seduced me.

I dare you not to feel totally seduced by these:

IMG_6566 IMG_6604 IMG_6702 IMG_6736

IMG_6955IMG_6757 IMG_6791 IMG_6827 IMG_6843 IMG_6877 IMG_6920 IMG_7029

My senses went WILD. I was very happily seduced.

There was one particular exercise that I really took to heart while there: the Queen’s Walk, one of Kitty’s Parlor Games. Whether I was serving dinner, sweeping the floor, or walking down the beach, I was walking the Queen’s Walk. And let me tell you… it completely and entirely changed the game for me. It enhanced my ability to seduce and be seduced. It was such a turn on (especially because it was my little secret the whole time).



This has inspired me so much that I am devoting my next Qoya class to it, happening on Saturday, October 25. If you’re in NYC, join me and my crew of extraordinary women in this soul-dessert of a class.

qoya oct

And for more on Kitty & seduction, check her out at KittyCavalier.com.

Seductively yours,



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