merci, 2014


This year has been incredibly healing, magical, and full of love. And this post is my way of giving gratitude for every moment. It’s also my way of digesting all the greatness that came my way, so that I may make space for even more in the coming year. I’m a student of cycles & seasons, which is a theme that will greatly influence my work and offerings in the coming year. Which is why I’ve broken down this timeline into Winter, Spring, Summer, and Winter. Flowing with the seasons helped me garner the power within and around, helping me consciously create a blessed life filled to the brim with Exquisite Self Care.

WINTER: December 21 – March 19 REST & DREAM & CONCEIVE


  • This was the year I told everyone and their mothers about WomanCode. Literally. This is a must-read for all women. I became acquainted with my 4 cycles and began to work with them. In each cycle, I ate different food and focused on different parts of my life. WomanCode guided my shopping list on a weekly basis (hence this supermarket photo). I planned my life around my period, and my body just loved me for this.


  • One synchronicity after another. Like this one, a picture of a glass panel of Jesus (wearing what looks like a money robe) at a church in the West Village. On the pews right below this panel, I sat with a dear friend of mine as we spent our lunch hour together sharing our Money Love Stories (we both had just picked up Kate Northrup’s book, Money, A Love Story, and were ready to love our money up.) When the hour was up, we stood up, hugged each other, and as we let go, I looked up and saw this Jesus, blessing us literally over our heads. Bling bling!

SPRING: March 20 – June 20 BIRTH & BLOOM


-This is a pic of my parent’s messy kitchen floor, compliments of moi. Sprawled all around were my herbs and mason jars. I was restocking, labeling, and mixing some herbs for infusions. My passion for herbs had been recently ignited by Robin Rose Bennett, who is now my herbalism teacher. Using herbs has greatly aided me in my physical and spiritual self-care, and in so many ways they have helped me open up and be more receptive to the magic healing of nature.


-I included this shot, which was taken from the driver’s seat of the road I was driving down after spending a weekend in Connecticut at a meditation retreat. It was still early spring, so not much greenery. When I was there, two incredible things happened: first, something in me knew I would be coming back; second, it was there where I met the man I’m now in love with. As I was driving down this road post-retreat heading back to NYC, I let both of these realizations go, gracefully and with ease. No attachment, fully trusting in the Divine. Little did I know that 6 months later, both would come back into my life. In perfect timing, might I add. Desire + ask + trust + let go. Then stay open to receive.


  • No, I didn’t buy a house. But this picture has a story, which has greatly influenced my 2014. It was taken in Pittsburgh. I spent a couple of weeks there teaching Bikram. On my first day there, I went for a walk around the hood. The evening was warm, and the sun was just beginning to set. I walked by some beautiful homes, until suddenly, I stopped walking and just stood still. I felt pulled to stop, to take a short break. Just as I was thinking how amazing it would be to have a place to sit, I turned myself around and across the street, between two houses, was what appeared to be an empty lot with some white concrete in front of it. I crossed the street, and sat down on the concrete, watching the sun getting lower in the sky. The view was spectacular. I thought to myself how cool it would be to have a house right there. How great it would be if this property was on sale. And then, as I stood up to leave, I see the “for sale” sign. I poked my head behind the sign and saw that there was a house further up, completely covered by several tall pine trees. I sneaked up the stairs and peeked around the property. The house was gorgeous. I craved that house like a kid craves candy. And it was at that precise moment that I knew I was so ready to set down some roots, and so greatly desired a home of my own. This is wild because for as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed hopping around living in different places. No longer. I’m ready to buy a house and create my own nest.


-I snuck this shot of this girl who was walking in front of me in NYC. She just rocked my socks: The way in which she walked and carried herself made her drop-dead gorgeous. Talk about owning it! I came to familiarize myself with this way of walking a few months later (the Queen Walk, which I learned how to do beautifully from Kitty Cavalier). Completely has changed my life, y’all.


-This was the year I became more intimate with nature. I got to know the woods by my house very well. I love these woods. They are such a blessed respite from everything that is NYC. So much healing happened in these woods…


– When the days began to get a little warmer, I zipcar’ed myself up to Montauk, and spent the entire day at the beach, which at the time was nearly deserted. I did a ceremony in honor of the ocean, prayed, acknowledged some gratitudes, and wrote my desires on the sand. I planted seeds, in form of rocks, throughout this entire stretch of beach. I’m happy to say that this seed-planting ceremony has bared me some beautiful fruit in my life!


-This was the year my parents started growing their own veggies. So much awesomess came out of this wee bit of land. They’re right when they say that lawns are useless. Grow your own food instead!

SUMMER: June 21 – September 22 NOURISH & GROWTH


-This is a pic of Mama Dona, taken at Socrates Park in Astoria. She sweetly led a Summer Solstice ceremony. She even blessed us by sprinkling water she had collected from the most sacred places on earth which she’s visited. This was special because I invited my mom to come with me, and it’s cool to expose her to more and more spiritual stuff I love.


-This was the year I acquired my first POUND piece. And I got it on the day of Frida Kahlo’s birthday. Which I celebrated by dressing up as her and going to a birthday party in her honor at La Casa Azul in Harlem.


-’14 was also the year I started teaching Qoya again. And began to grow community. Oh man… Qoya. A space that’s created for you to move in ways that feel good to you. If it feels good, then you know you are doing it right. It helps women acces that part within themselves that is wise, wild and free. Leading these classes resparked my true desire to hold space for women. So much magic and healing happens in women’s circles.


  • Speaking of wild, wise and free: this was taken on the last day of the Wild Woman Fest which took place in Mount Lebanon, NY. It was incredibly powerful to dive in so deep with other open hearted women. The theme? Creativity. Pretty spot on for me, as that’s pretty much been the theme for me this year.


  • I’m super proud of having co-created this awesome Rockaway Beach retreat with my friend Yelimar. We called it Sway, Play & Pray and are so making this an annual thing. The event was sold out, and we were joined by some pretty sassy, magical ladies who to this day we have the pleasure of calling our close friends & sisters. Yeah, good times.


  • This was also the year I got paid to travel… which has been a long-time dream of mine. I was part of a team of awesome people who collaborated to produce a yoga retreat in the South of France. It was awesome to show up, be of service doing something I’m quite good at, and to do so at a really beautiful place. Universe, I would so love and appreciate more of this paid travel in 2015, please!


-So summer is all about nourishing ourselves and thriving in abundance. And one of the way I did that was by beginning my tutelage in the art of seduction as a spiritual practice. I began to read Kitty Cavalier’s Sacred Seduction (and took her class in NY in the fall). I love love love the idea of experiencing more seduction in my life (and no, I’m not referring to sexual seduction. That is but one aspect, one sliver…) This type of seduction is centered on self-ownership. And what is sexier than a woman owning it?

FALL September 23 – December 20 HARVEST & FRUITION


-This picture is of the food that was lovingly packed for me by the guy that would soonafter become my boyfriend. I’d met him earlier in the year, but the timing was off; so fate would bring us back into each other’s worlds during the time of Harvest & Fruition. Which is so beautifully captured in this picture. I knew that I’d scored jackpot when I saw this food love package.


-This was also the year that my mom and I decided to create something together: a Bikram retreat in Ecuador. This is a picture of us, drinking green juice, during our trip to Ecuador to scope out locations for this retreat. Not only did we find the perfect spot, but being there once again made me so happy that I would get to host people here next year. It’s such an incredible place and this is a great honor.


-Ohhh, this tree. This was painted by Bernarda Arguello, a magical artist that resides in Ecuador. She’s a dear family friend, and gifted this painting to me, which she painted during my birthday. I helped her a wee bit (I made the moon, but honestly, her skills are what makes this look so good). As she painted, I taught her how to say the sacred Hawaiian prayer “H’oponopono” in English: “I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.” Which we chanted over and over again. So, this painting got infused with that mantra.


-Uncharacteristic of fall, I spent part of it in a very warm part of the world: Miami. I got to hang out with the Sister Goddess community for a few days, and with my guy the rest of the time. Truly the best transition for basking in the glow of summer, and gently kissing it goodbye for the inevitable cooler weather. This was also officially our “second date”. We’ve had some pretty epic dates so far, let me tell ya.

WINTER December 21 – present moment


-This picture of myself, my guy, and a good friend was taken on Christmas day. We spent the day eating, drinking and being merry with my family… and added some magic by creating sacred space and making these vision boards for the coming year. Because winter… winter is the time to plant your vision.

So looking forward to what next year will bring.



My name is Mishel Ixchel. I’m Ecuadorian-born &
NYC-bred. Western Mass is currently home, and it's also where I practice + teach the art of
Sacred Self Care.