Saturday Night’s alright

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Last Saturday was a total Eat-Pray-Love kinda day. It felt like an entire year passed. Like I went to three different continents. I guess that’s a regular side-effect of living in NYC.

It kicked off with the 10am Bikram class I lead at Herald Square. I got to see a fellow teacher whom I’d gone to teacher training with (woah, it’s been 7 years, yikes!). She’s doing pretty banging for herself: she owns a Bikram studio out in Cape Cod. She invited me to come out and visit. I was like, “girlfriend, you don’t have to ask me twice!” So yay! Cape Cod at some point this summer. During class, I also got to introduce two (very cute) guys to the practice. Omg, they were super cute;) and ahem, great listeners.

After class, I subway’ed my way uptown; took the B to 110th, to the furthest north-west corner of Central Park. There, I met up with fellow herbalists for a Weed Walk with Robin Rose Bennett, my green-witch teacher. I foraged so many awesome things (all of which are in abundance in this part of the country!) and got to hang out with Robin whom I love very much (she’s an awesome teacher). Overall, we all hung out with plants and trees, which these days, I consider essential daily nourishment. I’ve gotten into the habit of going to the park, any park, every day.

Me & Cole Lopez, another sexy herbalist.

In the evening, I dolled up in a really Bond Girl-esque outifit: lavender fishnets, black couture onesie, tall black leather boots with laces up the front, all under a black trench coat and a pair of black lace gloves. Holla! I made my way to the Rosewood Ballroom to the 2nd Annuel Sister Goddess Dance Party benefiting Choices in Childbirth.

ready to (bond-girl) party

Now, I can’t divulge the details or share any pictures of the party. So all I will say is this: It was like a Bond Girl party would look, be, smell, feel, and taste like. We do not call ourselves Sister Goddesses for nothing.

I feel beyond lucky to be connected to SO MANY amazing women here in the city. I raise my glass to them tonight!

Now, cue the music, please!


My name is Mishel Ixchel. I’m Ecuadorian-born &
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