Slim-Fast popped my health cherry :X


Once upon a time, Slim Fast popped my health cherry. (Yeah, THAT Slim Fast).

I cringe now, but back in January 2001, I happily guzzled down the stuff by the can. The promise of looking slim was worth each unpleasant sip.

Of course, now, I would never go near the stuff, but back then, I knew no better.

It was an interesting time in my life: it was the second semester of my senior year of High School, and my life had radically changed. I walked away from the social life I had painfully staked for myself (sweat, blood, and tears to be popular), and I started an internship in the fashion industry. I was to assist two designers, and would be doing so from my own fancy desk overlooking midtown Manhattan. When I signed up for the gig, it sounded a lot fancier than it actually was. It became my first taste of a 9-5. ONE semester of this lifestyle was enough to send me running to the hills (I proudly brag that since then, I have never held another 9-5).

To be clear, I was a on the chubbier side during my High School years. When I started the internship, I was still all bright eyed and bushy tailed at the prospect of entering the world of fashion. So, allow me to connect the dots: fashion, clothes, models, skinny, skinny, skinny. And because I had not ever really minded what I ate, let alone ever exercised, enter Slim Fast. Yeah, I needed something, fast!

Now, before I totally come down on this product, I will say this much: it was my gateway to a much healthier lifestyle. Not long after, I started dropping some weight (yeah, it works. I mean, if you only drink one thing of anything in a limited amount, of course you’re gonna lose some weight). Along with slim-fasting my way to a size 0, I also fiercely committed myself to daily training in the pool. I had also signed up to become an NYC lifeguard.

Of course, it’s all fun and games until someone weighs 96 lbs and stops getting her period.

oh yeah, and I had long blonde hair. Sigh.

oh yeah, and I had long blonde hair. Sigh.

no one was THAT alarmed at my 96 lbs because I "looked" okay.

no one was THAT alarmed at my 96 lbs because I “looked” okay.

Fast-forward 13 years, and I’ve tried just about every cleanse and diet plan, though I give myself credit for opting for healthier alternatives each time. I’ve done everything from the Master Cleanse (never again) to the grape-fast (yup, grapes for breakfast, lunch and dinner). Ayurvedic cleanses? Check. Juice cleanses? Yes, indeed. I also did the USANA Reset cleanse (it reminds me of Slim-Fast with the exception of the ingredients, which says alot).

lets face it. green juice is the best.

lets face it. green juice is the best.

USANA's Reset... it's a healthier version of slim fast. I tried it a few times but doubt will be doing it again. It's great & all, but I wanna go fresh.

USANA’s Reset… it’s a healthier version of slim fast. I tried it a few times but doubt will be doing it again. It’s great & all, but I wanna go fresh.

After all is said and done, you know what? I send SO MUCH LOVE to my 16 year old self sipping those Slim Fast cans… because as nasty as that stuff is, it definitely led me to discover a world of health.

I still believe in cleanses: giving your digestive system a break to repair and heal, and eliminating certain foods that cause massive inflammation is the bomb. But now, I’m much more selective about what I put into my body. Rather than doing the whole American diet thing year round and only cleansing occasionally, my lifestyle and food choices are mainly governed by the influence of these two ladies: Alisa Vitti and Kris Carr. Alisa’s WomanCode is a gem of a book, whose protocol I follow religiously: it’s all about nourishing my hormones throughout all four of my cycles on a monthly basis. As for Kris, she’s all about a plant-based, organic and local diet and puts out bangin’ recipes.

So yes, it’s a lifestyle. Every bite, every meal, every day.

And I’m stoked that in addition to this, I will be starting a cleanse today. It’s a summer cleanse designed by my friend Eric Levinson. When I looked at his protocol, I was thrilled to see that most of the things I will be paying extra attention to over the next 7 days, I already do. So now it’s a matter of fine tuning (along with eliminating sugar and gluten… oy).

My intentions for this cleanse are the following:
-I desire clearer, glowing, silky smooth skin. Oh yes.
-I want to truly experience 7 days of no sugar and gluten.
-And of course, by peeling back these layers, I desire more clarity and clearer intuition.

And because… I can ALWAYS look + feel better.

Cheers + xoxo,


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