Yes, I skip a beat when I’m on my period. Period.

i kid you not. WomanCode is my grocery-shopping list. It comes with.

Its been about 6 months since i’ve been consciously aligning my lifestyle so I can ride my cycles. All four of them. In other words, I’ve been WomanCode-ing my life. Let me explain.

There are 4 repeating cycles that women are wired to go through each month. The menstrual cycle is the most famous* (and the most notorious in our society, often negatively seen and aggressively subjugated by use of the pill, midol, and stupid-ass products that promise to help you carry on climbing mountains and playing tennis and shit). I’m learning that the three other cycles are equally as important, and that during each cycle, I have special superpowers, if you will.

WomanCode is an awesome book by Alisa Vitti, and because it is such a HUGE part of my life, I’ll be talking about it often. If you follow the protocol, it promises to help you “perfect your cycle, amplify your fertility, supercharge your sex drive, and become a powersource.” Now that sounds more like it. (And you know what, so far it’s totally delivering, wink.)

In WomanCode, there is a brilliant dietary protocol outlined: what to eat during each cycle. Equally important, there is a great explanation on what to focus on during each cycle. Like for instance, the menstrual cycle is all about self-analysis and course correction, a time where intuition is clear and powers are heightened. It’s a time for rest and relaxation. But we aren’t really taught that, now are we?

Last night’s full moon coincided with my own moon cycle, so allow me to tell you what I spent doing the last couple of days:

Day 1: 

I literally put everything on hold and napped throughout the day. My body was feeling extra sore, so I also got a massage at my favorite Asian bodywork joint in the city. In few words: I rested a ton. Oh, and I ate very little, namely a big bowl of buckwheat (this cycle’s grain of choice). When I woke up from said nap, this is what I see next to me: the pup napping.

photo1 (5)

teddy totally nappin

Day 2: 

I again took the day off, this time to explore what it truly means to ride a wave of clear intuition. Extremely mindful of the full moon’s energies, I drove out to Montauk and spent some time at the beach. The beach was basically empty, stretching out for miles and miles without any people. It was such a treat. I did a ceremony, and in the spirit of the Full Moon and of Spring, I planted some seeds and intentions. (But more on that another time).

In the evening, I drove out to Brooklyn, where I partook in another Full Moon ceremony at the Golden Drum (their monthly Dream Seed Sound Journeys). It was one of the most intense sound soaks i’ve ever had the pleasure to… soak in.

me in Montauk, nearly deserted beach.

me in Montauk, nearly deserted beach.


It’s taken me a while to really ride my cycles, and I’m still learning. I’m proud to say that at this point, I’ve organized myself to plan ahead each month, making sure that I am using the full potential of each cycle. Most importantly, I’m making sure that I am off and not committed to anything during the days of my period. Those days, I’ve decided, are totally and completely mine.


My name is Mishel Ixchel. I’m Ecuadorian-born &
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